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"This series is mind-blowing. This is probably the most valuable gift I have given myself."  -  Annick Hupperetz


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Why did we create the Dog Cancer Series?

When my dog, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated... but instead of giving up, I embarked on a mission to save her life.

I soon found myself talking to the top cancer researchers and scientists on the planet, learning the most cutting-edge research and treatments for reversing and preventing cancer in
dogs. By implementing these powerful metabolic strategies I was able to do something unbelievable... and Sam’s tumor started shrinking!

~ Rodney Habib, Founder of Paws For Change

How are we giving back?

Rodney created Paws For Change with the ambitious goal of starting a non-profit "world health organization for pets".

Paws for Change is focusing on crucial areas of research in Veterinary Medicine which do not receive funding from the establishment. Every sale of the Dog Cancer Series documentary supports this mission, so thank you for being apart of that legacy.

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Thank you! Change is up to all of us.

We are in the middle of a disease epidemic: cancer, diabetes, obesity are skyrocketing. We have more dogs suffering from allergies, auto-immune diseases and organ dysfunction than ever before.

Research tells us genetics account for 10% of cancers, but 90% are caused by environmental causes, the biggest potential insult being the food you put in the bowl every day.

We are in complete control of what we feed our pets, and we know food heals or harms. The walks you through how to use a powerful nutritional metabolic intervention as an aggressive weapon against lifestyle-related diseases, including cancer.

We appreciate your support for the Dog Cancer Series and congratulations and on joining the Paws For Change movement! We know this information will be transformative for the dogs in your care.

In good health,

Karen Becker and Rodney Habib


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